Precise analysis of product availability, a careful glance at the world fish market and relevant demand planning, the search for new supply markets, and the consolidation of the existing ones: fundamental factors for a steady supply of guaranteed, quality products from around the world.

Whole Fish
From the sought-after monkfish of South Africa to Dutch sole, from bream to bass, and smelt from Turkey: all with guaranteed superior quality.
Select raw ingredients and quality fillets: loins or steaks of swordfish, bream, bass, plaice, scorpion fish, swai, John Dory, codfish and tilapia, available in different degrees of ice glazing and in various cuts.
Calamari imported from Morocco, Mauritania, South Africa, Patagonia, Thailand and India; squid, cuttlefish and octopus from Morocco, Indonesia and India;
mussels and clams from farms in Chile and Vietnam:
Quality on board.
Shrimp and tails frozen on board from Argentina, tiger prawn and tails from select farms in Ecuador, scamp from Scotland, Denmark and Ireland, frozen on board and in trays: Quality from sea to table.
Fish skewers, fish soups and seafood salads: ready-to-eat, or ready-to-use base ingredients to enrich your recipes.