statuto e organi sociali

The Board of Directors, which is renewed every 3 years, is made up of 7 members, elected at the General Meeting. The President and Vice President are appointed by the Board. The other 5 are Board members with executive power, each in a different sector. CIC’s actions are further checked by an Audit Committee, composed by 3 active auditors and 2 substitutes, and an accounting tax consultant.

The current Board of Directors was elected on April 28th 2017 and will continue in that role until the approval of the financial statement on 31/12/2019.
President – Gruppo Alimentare Sardo S.p.A.
Pietro Vincenzo Murgia
Vice President – Ristogamma S.r.l.
Antonio Bocchi
Board Member – Mister Chef S.r.l.
Antonio Di Lorito
Board Member – Siqur S.p.A.
Nicola Levorato
Board Member – Morelli FoodService
Lorenzo Morelli
Board Member – G.F.1 S.r.l.
Silvestro Panconi
Board Member – Formasal S.r.l.
Roberto Zanobi